Our vendor partners go through an extensive vetting process matching several points of their experience, geography, services offered, industries served, and a variety of auditing measures must be successfully met in order to ensure the best possible fit for our clients.
Not all vendors meet our standards and we only take on projects where we can successfully connect our clients to their perfect service provider match. We stake our reputation on being able to provide our clients with the right vendor, providing the right services from their wheel house of expertise.

We have a worldwide vendor network of outsourced service providers. If you are a service provider looking to join our network, here is how we work with you:

  • We perform a services audit on your organization including your people, process and technology
  • We vet out your experience and references
  • We enter into a simple business agreement defining our standard terms and fee structure
  • Then we can match your skills to the needs of our clients!

The best way to think of our company is as an extension to your business development team. Our fees are in line and in budget of your sales process costs, normally no different than your current commission fees for your sales team. Think of us as a business development team who gets paid for performance, not for office space, benefits, and lead generation. We only charge you once we have matched a client with your specific skills and you are paid on the work you are performing for them.

To learn more, please contact us.