Roadmap – Outsourcing Made Painless

Our goal is to make outsourcing as painless as possible. So many companies fail at outsourcing because they buy the hype of their vendors’ business development team without understanding the complexity of selecting the right partner for their needs. Each engagement is very different for us. Your normal networking channels of asking your colleagues and friends who they use for outsourcing partners doesn’t work. What might be a perfect solution for someone else’s business will not necessarily work for yours. This is one industry where one size does not fit all!

If you are looking to source all or portions of your contact center, chat services, email, or other customer contact points we want to help, and we will not charge you, the client, any fees.

How does our business model allow us to find you the best vendor without charging you fees to do so?

Here is how it works:

We work with Domestic (US), Nearshore and Offshore service providers directly, augmenting their business development teams. They have already built in costs to their business models for their sales and marketing efforts, you would know this as a cost per acquisition. Our costs are already a part of their business model and instead of paying their sales team a commission, they would pay us once your program is up and running and you are paying for the service they provide. It is really that simple.

It is always in our best interest to match you with the best service provider for your specific needs so we can help develop a long term relationship between you and your new vendor partner. We don’t waste your time with ill fitting, poor performing partners. Our reputation is built on finding the BEST possible match to your specific needs.

Contact us today and let us help you find the best possible vendor partner for your needs!